Good Price Full Au-to Knife Paper Pleating Machine Sale

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◆ Car Air Filter                                    ◆ Car Oil Filter
◆ Air Filter                                          ◆ Heavy Duty Air Filter
◆ Fuel Filter                                        ◆ Air-conditioning Filter
◆ Your Customized Field

Pleating Speed:                                      15-60m/min 
Pleating Height Range: 20-80mm (roller should be changed)
Pleating Width:   90-350mm (with ?60 pleating collector)
Power of Motor:  3.8Kw
Power of Humidifier:    6Kw
Humidification Temperature:0-100degrees
Power of Conveying Device:0.75kw
Conveying Speed:1-6mm/pleat(adjustable)
Air Pressure of Compressor:6Mpa

Full Au-to Knife Paper Pleating Machine consists of two parts, i.e. the front preconditioning part and the plate-type pleat collecting part. The pleating machine works by linkage and is controlled by PLC. The operating panel is easy to operate, automatically adjusting the pleating height and knives’ movement angle. The finished products have smooth edges, uniform surfaces and high precisions.

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